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Mental Health and Wellness Trainings 

*Trainings can be tailored to your organizational needs. Contact us for more information!


Understanding the Impact of Mental Health in the Post COVID workplace

This presentation looks at the impact of individual and collective trauma experienced over the past two and a half years, and the impact on workplace culture. This workshop includes research-based practical tips on how to create an environment that is not only supportive, but progressive in responding to the mental health needs of employees.


Components of a Trauma Informed Workplace

Defines the six principals of the trauma-informed model as defined by SAMSHA and how to operate with an understanding of trauma and its negative effects on the organization's employees and the communities it serves. Discussion includes how to work to mitigate those negative effects.


Self-Care in the Workplace and Beyond

Discuss the CDC’s eight dimensions of self-care. Identify when to focus on it and how to manage time and expectations to prioritize mental wellbeing. The name of the talk is “Put on your own oxygen mask first.”


Dealing with Difficult Clients

Based on the work of Manika Thomas LISCW, this presentation examines mindsets and strategies that promote success with difficult clients. Participants will learn how to look at behavior from a functional model, understand the three brain states that impact a client’s ability to communicate and relate to you as their caseworker and approach clients from a strengths-based perspective. Will teach validation and empathy skills that empower clients without being patronizing or dismissive.


Ignoring Workplace Mental Health? It could be costing you millions

Reviews the financial impact on your organization when employee mental health is not recognized and responded to early and consistently in terms of absenteeism, presenteeism and employee turnover.


Setting Healthy Boundaries

Based on the work of Sharon Martin MSWLCSW in her “Setting Better Boundaries” workbook, this workshop is rooted in the cognitive behavioral model to provide education and skill building to empower participants with practical skills on how clear personal and professional boundaries, which are fundamental to creating and nurturing mutually respectful relationships based on equality.


What is Mindfulness?

Based on Russ Harris’ work on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, this workshop explores myths and facts about what mindfulness is and how it is practiced. Includes experiential exercises that cater to the varying styles of adult learners.


Stress vs. Anxiety: Self Care vs. Treatment

Based on the work of Emily and Amelia Nagowski this presentation answers the question “What is the difference between stress and anxiety with a discussion of the neurobiology of both. Offers practical tips on how to “complete” the stress cycle physically, cognitively, and emotionally for optimal mental wellbeing.


Recognizing and Managing Vicarious Trauma

Understanding signs and symptoms in oneself and others and identify personal and collective strategies to manage the symptoms inside and outside of the workplace.


Doing What Matters: Identifying Your Values and Living the Life You Want

Based on Dr. Russ Harris’ work in Acceptance and Commitment therapy this workshop guides employees in the exploration of their values in ten life dimensions and identify where their strengths and opportunities for growth are. 

We can customize any training to fit your organizations needs. 

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